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Current Global Partners of AIESEC  International are: 


Opportunities of aforementioned partners (aka. GEP) are often of high quality and selective. About 60% of GEP TNs are in Europe, others concentrate in Asia Pacific. GEPs with biggest TN pool every year include: 

  1. TATA Consulting Service (a subsidiary of TATA conglomerate – the biggest corporation of India): about 200 TNs/ year. Job locations will be in different cities of India and Hungary. TATA search tool. TATA has high prospect of retention after internship, along with return flight ticket provided 
  2. Electrolux: Job locations will be in HQ in Stockholm, Sweden; Italy; Brazil
  3. DHL Group: about 50 TNs/year. Job locations will be mostly Bonn, Germany and Prague, Czech

What is the application process of GEPs?

The one who is responsible for GEP screening and initial interview is Global Coordinator – a former MC/AI member who is responsible for partnership between AIESEC and Global Partners (except TATA – TNs will be of Local Coordinator). Application process is listed as:

1. Complete you Profile on the Opportunity Portal ( please, include your updated CV!);
2. Just click on the “Apply” button at OP or EXPA;
3. Answer the GEP additional question: “Why are you the best candidate for this Opportunity?”
(Your answer must have the text/argument you would include in your motivation/cover letter specific for this opportunity – yes, the opportunity managers read this);
4. Wait for 1-2 weeks after the deadline of applications to receive a response regarding your application

Imprtant note for EPs in application process

1. No application received through email will be taken into consideration – for transparency and efficiency reasons
2. EPs will not receive any reply until the deadline of applications – unless in special cases.
3. For most opportunities opened with our Premium/Global Partners, the Global Coordinators are responsible of the selection process
4. Applying for a lot of opportunities at once does not increase EP chances of being selected. Please, make sure your EPs only apply for opportunities which they have the right background/skills.

How many rounds of selection my EPs must go through?

  1. Application screening
  2. Interview with Global Coordinator (or AI BD Manager in case that account doesn’t have Global Coordinator, e.g. Apple)
  3. Interview with company representative (Manager of respective function EP applies for)
  4. Personality test (to check if EPs are a good fit with company culture)/optional competency test based on JD

Ready to apply? Check out interview tips with TNM and company here.



[Updated: 3rd May, 2017]

In this article, you will find key insight in GE TN demand around the world in 2016. Data used in this article is from DAAL 2016  – extract file of global Approval in 2016 only.

GE TN Demands by region

Countries with the highest number of RE in GE in each region are of following:


  • Brazil (193 RE)
  • Mexico (131 RE)
  • Peru (106 RE)
  • Argentina (28 RE) & US (20 RE): Search tool


There are 2 Vietnamese GE EPs who have realized in US, working under B1 Visa (tourist visa). Not until they had conversation with TN Taker did they know that they must obtain F visa for this specific internship.

This region is also the most expensive, with all-round tickets can cost up to 2000 USD.

Asia Pacific

  • India (133 RE): Search tool
  • Indonesia (45 RE): Search tool
  • Taiwan (26 RE)
  • China Mainland (21 RE)

Taiwan has confirmed in May, 2017 that they would stop running GE due to imposing government regulation.

India and Indonesia are proven to be potential destination for GE EPs of Vietnam due to their abundant supply, diversity of TN and shorter period of visa application (7 days and 3 days respectively).


Except for Ukraine, Vietnamese EPs would apply for SCHENGEN visa in order to realize in these countries (est. time of  visa approval is 2-3 weeks). SCHENGEN visa requires applicants to be physically present in the embassy to submit visa application

Serbia is an upper middle income country in Central Europe, which is now the best performing entity in Europe in term of GE RE. However, they don’t have embassy in Vietnam thus EPs must fly to another country in SEA (which country is yet to identify) to submit their application.

Middle East 

  • Egypt (296 RE)

The only EY performed in GE and accounts for 93% result of GE of Middle East region. All EPs will obtain tourist visa to realize in Egypt.

Check out official data of GE TN analysis and visa note for Vietnamese EP here.


[Updated 30/3/2017]

Focus of Summer Peak 2017 is IT. 3 world-largest IT suppliers are Germany, India and Canada. After EY meeting with these both, we have reached agreement with Canada to be their 5th EY partners (esp. in IT).  Biggest LCs which perform well in IT are McGill, Toronto, Edmonton and SFU (Canada),  Hamburg, Munich (Germany) and Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai (India).


TN S&D analysis in 2015 – 2016

Key matching numbers

In last global marketing summit ’16 gathering MCVP Mar of most prominent entities in the world, there are key findings regarding key average matching time globally and basic analysis on GT countries of most popularity/loyalty for oGT EPs. Please check data report here.

For Vietnam’s key matching number, please check here.

S&D of EP & TN worldwide

Last exchange data (taken from DAAL 2015-16) shown that in marketing segment, there has been a strong demand for EPs within BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) – 4 biggest emerging markets of the world and also ones of the most attractive investment destinations thanks to its boom in population and market opportunities. The trend of foreign companies to invest in these markets is booming which has led to a strong demand of EPs in those countries.

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Research: How do our EPs perceive the GE product?

Global Entrepreneur is a sub product which is mainly described with keywords such as: non-paid job, accommodation covered, start-ups and short-term. But how could we describe more about this product when introducing to our customers?

Continue reading Research: How do our EPs perceive the GE product?

Topic #1: Categorize TN Demand

Following Train the Buddy – Basic Course on 18th Nov, 2016, we have seen how TN Demand is distributed around the world and how to best understand its trend. In this training, we have answered:

  • Which kind of companies that offer TNs?
  • What are differences in each region of the world regarding TN requirements? How to know if your EP is a good fit?
  • What are the most popular fields of TN that AIESEC provides? How to best understand and recommend them to your EPs?

Bildergebnis für GIF study

Check the training materials here!

Wanna get into much more details? Check out our article about TN demand by countries & regions 🙂