Current Global Partners of AIESEC  International are: 


Opportunities of aforementioned partners (aka. GEP) are often of high quality and selective. About 60% of GEP TNs are in Europe, others concentrate in Asia Pacific. GEPs with biggest TN pool every year include: 

  1. TATA Consulting Service (a subsidiary of TATA conglomerate – the biggest corporation of India): about 200 TNs/ year. Job locations will be in different cities of India and Hungary. TATA search tool. TATA has high prospect of retention after internship, along with return flight ticket provided 
  2. Electrolux: Job locations will be in HQ in Stockholm, Sweden; Italy; Brazil
  3. DHL Group: about 50 TNs/year. Job locations will be mostly Bonn, Germany and Prague, Czech

What is the application process of GEPs?

The one who is responsible for GEP screening and initial interview is Global Coordinator – a former MC/AI member who is responsible for partnership between AIESEC and Global Partners (except TATA – TNs will be of Local Coordinator). Application process is listed as:

1. Complete you Profile on the Opportunity Portal ( please, include your updated CV!);
2. Just click on the “Apply” button at OP or EXPA;
3. Answer the GEP additional question: “Why are you the best candidate for this Opportunity?”
(Your answer must have the text/argument you would include in your motivation/cover letter specific for this opportunity – yes, the opportunity managers read this);
4. Wait for 1-2 weeks after the deadline of applications to receive a response regarding your application

Imprtant note for EPs in application process

1. No application received through email will be taken into consideration – for transparency and efficiency reasons
2. EPs will not receive any reply until the deadline of applications – unless in special cases.
3. For most opportunities opened with our Premium/Global Partners, the Global Coordinators are responsible of the selection process
4. Applying for a lot of opportunities at once does not increase EP chances of being selected. Please, make sure your EPs only apply for opportunities which they have the right background/skills.

How many rounds of selection my EPs must go through?

  1. Application screening
  2. Interview with Global Coordinator (or AI BD Manager in case that account doesn’t have Global Coordinator, e.g. Apple)
  3. Interview with company representative (Manager of respective function EP applies for)
  4. Personality test (to check if EPs are a good fit with company culture)/optional competency test based on JD

Ready to apply? Check out interview tips with TNM and company here.


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