This article will cover checklist for EPs to prepare the best for company interview. Material source is taken from Business Insider.

You can create a checklist for EP manager to support EPs during interview.

1. Before Interview

Before EP entering interview panel, make sure they have time to:

  • Read Company website and take note on their business, current direction and corporate culture and see if it fits EP personality and dynamic.
  • Review Job Description carefully and align it to their experience beforehand
  • Look up sample interview questions based on company/job description on career-support platform such as: Glassdoor
  • Research their interviewer by finding them on LinkedIn. Check out their profile & experience to find common interest
  • Google deep dive in company’s industry – understand industry’s trend

2. During Interview

  • Be proactive by asking insightful questions. Check out top questions to ask in the interview here.
  • Relax and be themselves, but limit such trap here.
  • Be positive and keep a respectful, neutral attitude. Don’t cut recruiter off in mid-sentence
  • Dress well. Even though it is a virtual interview, make sure EPs dress their upper part nicely and formally
  • EP should prepare to negotiate: Starting Date, Compensation & Benefits right at the end of the interview. By that way, they save our & their time matching to TN they can’t realize

EP fails too many interviews and you don’t know why? Check out article “8 Reasons Why you didn’t pass the first interview

3. After Interview

  • Send a thank-you letter within 24- 48 hours after interview. It shows EP’s pro-activeness and distinct them from other candidates. Sample of thank-you letter here.
  • Talk with EP Manager to share experience. It helps oGTE to learn better from real-time EP’s experience. As EP Manager, remember to ask EP questions: What went well/not well? | Base on company questions, which qualities/experience that you think company is looking for?

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