This article will walk you through basic process of EP completing approving process on EXPA (With pictures).

  1. Log into her account on OP, select My profile, choose My Application and select the TN which she got accepted (after receives confirmation from TNM upon sending 1st acceptance on EXPA)


2. Read and sign online Acceptance Note (by writing her name at the bottom and click Sign)

Cap 2

3. Rate platform’s level of user friendliness (5 stars is the highest)

Capture 3.PNG

4. Take Leadership Development Assessment by click on Take the Leadership Development Assessment button

Cap 5.PNG

5.  Rate how frequent the demonstrated behaviors of leadership quality apply to them in the pop up window

Cap 6.PNG

6. Check out the result and explanation on the navigated page. To go back, click on white arrow icon on the top left of the window

Cap 7.PNG

7. To start searching for flight ticket, back to the Opportunity page, look for Search For Flights for your experience, fill in detailed flight information and click Search Flight. She will be navigated to search page of Skyscanner.comCap 8.PNG

To learn more about new updates for YOP, including generating CV right on OP and English test mandatory to all GTE EP, check out here.


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