[Updated: 3rd May, 2017]

In this article, you will find key insight in GE TN demand around the world in 2016. Data used in this article is from DAAL 2016  – extract file of global Approval in 2016 only.

GE TN Demands by region

Countries with the highest number of RE in GE in each region are of following:


  • Brazil (193 RE)
  • Mexico (131 RE)
  • Peru (106 RE)
  • Argentina (28 RE) & US (20 RE): Search tool


There are 2 Vietnamese GE EPs who have realized in US, working under B1 Visa (tourist visa). Not until they had conversation with TN Taker did they know that they must obtain F visa for this specific internship.

This region is also the most expensive, with all-round tickets can cost up to 2000 USD.

Asia Pacific

  • India (133 RE): Search tool
  • Indonesia (45 RE): Search tool
  • Taiwan (26 RE)
  • China Mainland (21 RE)

Taiwan has confirmed in May, 2017 that they would stop running GE due to imposing government regulation.

India and Indonesia are proven to be potential destination for GE EPs of Vietnam due to their abundant supply, diversity of TN and shorter period of visa application (7 days and 3 days respectively).


Except for Ukraine, Vietnamese EPs would apply for SCHENGEN visa in order to realize in these countries (est. time of  visa approval is 2-3 weeks). SCHENGEN visa requires applicants to be physically present in the embassy to submit visa application

Serbia is an upper middle income country in Central Europe, which is now the best performing entity in Europe in term of GE RE. However, they don’t have embassy in Vietnam thus EPs must fly to another country in SEA (which country is yet to identify) to submit their application.

Middle East 

  • Egypt (296 RE)

The only EY performed in GE and accounts for 93% result of GE of Middle East region. All EPs will obtain tourist visa to realize in Egypt.

Check out official data of GE TN analysis and visa note for Vietnamese EP here.


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