Customer Flow 101: Everything you need to know about CF oGT 1718

Hey there!

Start to implement new CF and still have a bunch of questions about it? This article will cover key stages of new Customer Flow and necessary materials in each stage.

  1. How the new flow look like?

The new flow will be standardized across 7 LCs in Attraction & Consideration stages.




Steps Strangers directed to AIESEC Vietnam Website (GT 3 landing pages) Strangers sign up on embedded Podio form on website

Pop-up window: successful registration, check email & move to YOP 3.0

Automated email received by AIESEC in LCs Led to LC  facebook group to nurture

Email | Consulting Day/Event (optional)

Link to SMP

EPs sign-up on Podio form to become official EPs (or Complete profile OP) SRB

CV filter | Interview

Receive result announcement & Self-matching platform introduction Official EPs

This is how the Podio form will look like on our website:


After the sign-up, a thank you page appears, ask them to check email (even in Spam) and direct them to YOP.

In the email, they would receive instruction, welcome them to AIESEC. Link to facebook group, SMP and consulting day is present.

Customer then be asked to access to SMP. After click “TRUY CẬP”, he will be re-directed to our SMP (self-matching platform) with a welcome pop-up:


The link of the form is here. It has also been embedded on national website.

This information will then pass to Podio and OP (automated account creation on OP). At the same time, they would receive automated confirmation email which includes:

  • Confirmation on password and email sign-up (will be applied once we have automated email ready)
  • Link of SMP platform
  • Link to local Facebook group for lead nurturing
  • Link to be official EP

As the automated email has not been ready, LC would manually send this email by either Mailchimp or Google Drive.

After a period of lead nurturing, if EPs are ready to officially apply and have EP buddy tracking them, they would sign up on official EP link (above) and their background information will be automatically updated on OP (feature not ready).

Check how to notify your members by email when new Lead arrives.

2. Common Q&A

What is the difference between Lead registration Form and National Application Form?

The first Lead registration Form is the first form a visitor would encounter on website. Info in this form is very short and main point is to collect Lead information to go though Lead nurturing process with Facebook/consulting. This form is linked with OP so once they are filled, these data will be passed to OP and their account is created after 1 time.

National Application Form is the form customer must fill in when they want to officially apply for the program. This form will also be linked to OP and as they fill in these info, their information on OP will be updated as well.

How should I promote TN  with the new flow?

Developer is working on how to pass data from OP to Podio. So far, what we can do is promote the TN with OP link and also link to sign up first on website. New information will be continually updated on this article.

Which link should I link to when doing promotion?

The main link is . All links will direct back to website where registration form is integrated and promotion information included.

When is the timeline for infrastructure completion?

We expect technical features will be ready by the end of Feb. New SMP should be launch by mid-Mar. Currently we have a temporary SMP:


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