TN S&D analysis in 2015 – 2016

Key matching numbers

In last global marketing summit ’16 gathering MCVP Mar of most prominent entities in the world, there are key findings regarding key average matching time globally and basic analysis on GT countries of most popularity/loyalty for oGT EPs. Please check data report here.

For Vietnam’s key matching number, please check here.

S&D of EP & TN worldwide

Last exchange data (taken from DAAL 2015-16) shown that in marketing segment, there has been a strong demand for EPs within BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) – 4 biggest emerging markets of the world and also ones of the most attractive investment destinations thanks to its boom in population and market opportunities. The trend of foreign companies to invest in these markets is booming which has led to a strong demand of EPs in those countries.

Analysis on Unapproved Opportunites

In 2016 (from 1st Jan – 5th Nov, 2016), number of Unapproved Opportunities globally is 6361. In which Marketing opp. accounts for highest percentage (31%), followed by IT (22%).

IT 22%
Finance 3%
Marketing 31%
Business Administration 21%

This means that globally many opportunities in these 2 fields remain unmatched. Countries which have many IT opportunities unmatched include: Brazil (43 opps), Canada (38 opps), Egypt (75 opps), Germany (130 opps), India (249 opps), The Netherlands (58 opps).  Interestingly, for Germany & Canada, numbers of unmatched opportunities in IT are 6 and 7 times higher than in Marketing, respectively.

Explore the potential of Germany and Canada when matching your IT EPs. Fast!

Demand Language

The most popular languages are:

  1. English (93%)
  2. Spanish (15%)
  3. German (10%)
  4. French (9%)

Note: 1 TN can demand more than 1 language. Spanish is demanded by most of countries in LATAM and backed by inter-regional partnership of countries within this region.

Interestingly, the analysis is able to show which languages required by the majority of TN in a specific country. For example, in France 80% of TNs required/preferred French whereas in Germany this number is 58% and China is 47%. Japan has 78% opps required/preferred Japanese.

To check which language your EY partner require and how important fluency of that language might influence your EP’s chance to get approved, please check the sheet Analyse language required, filter countries in cell B1 and language in A3. If the number of TNs required a language more than 60%, your EP is likely to get approved when she can speak that language.

IT Programming Language

For IT, the most desired programming languages in unapproved Opp are:

Programming Language Percentage in total unapproved Opp. Use
JAVA 46 mobile-based application for Android
C# 12
Javascript 32 Design user interface
.NET 4
PHP 22 extension of web app (for platform like WordPress)
C++ 15
Python 8 All in one language

JAVA & Javascript are the most demanding program languages which are used in website and Android app development.

Source: Number of Unapproved Opportunities (1st Jan – 5th Nov, 2016).

Analysis on Marketing TN & EP Realization (1st July, 2015 – 30th Jun, 2016)

Top 7 countries in Marketing EP supply in  1516 includes:

1. BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia, China)

2. Colombia

3. Germany

4. Italy

5. Mexico

6. Peru

7. Poland

Top 7 countries in Marketing TN supply in  1516 includes:


2. India

3. Egypt

4. Serbia

5. Turkey

6. US/China

Peru ranked at 6th globally thanks largely to regional exchange with Brazil and Panama, which accounted for 72% of its realization. Likewise, Colombia has 73% of its realization coming from regional countries of Americas.

Hence, we can see each country has a national partner in which accounts for at least 40 – 60% of their realization.

Analysis on IT TN & EP Realization (1st July, 2015 – 30th Jun, 2016)

Globally, there was 306 realization in IT field. In IT, the number of realization last term was 3 times less than Marketing TN. This, however, can’t conclude if TN IT worldwide is less potential and abundant in number comparing to TN Marketing.

Top 7 countries in EP IT realization in  1516 includes:


Brazil and Tunisia made up for 25% of EP IT supply. Other countries accounts for less than 7%.

Top 7 countries in TN IT realization in 1516 includes:


Out of 9 countries at top supply, 60% are in Europe and North America. Total IT TN in WENA accounted for 1/3 of IT TN supply worldwide.

Check more details on EP/TN country analysis


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