Instruction to Train The Buddy

What is it?

Train the Buddy is an initiative from MC of AIESEC in Vietnam to develop buddy’s capacity in AIESEC & exchange knowledge. The course shall be conducted in 2 months after a new batch of newbies come. The course will be divided into: Basic and Advanced courses. Each course encompasses 5-6 topics (1 topic delivered per week) related to oGT operation.

Basic course will cover these following topics (*):

Nr. Topic name Presenter Time
1 CV tips How to best present yourself on a CV page? LCVP oGT AIESEC in Vietnam Week 3 of Nov
2 Application on EXPA Basic formality on approving EP & Analyzing TN manager mentality to accelerate matching process MCVP oGT/iGT AIESEC in Vietnam Week 4 of Nov
3 Post-Approved EP preparation check-list To be confirmed Week 1 of Dec
4 Post-Approved 2 Dealing & anticipating for Realized EP crisis To be confirmed Week 2 of Dec

Advanced course (for LCVPs & OCPs) will cover these following topics (*):

Nr. Topic name Presenter Time
1 How to do effective IR: Case Study To be confirmed To be confirmed
2 AIESEC Essence We are not headhunting, aren’t we? To be confirmed To be confirmed
3 Categorize your EP Are they potential ? (TalentNet material-based) To be confirmed To be confirmed
4 LEAD An effective OPS To be confirmed To be confirmed

(*) Topics and presenters are subjected to change.

How to join?

Training will take place every Friday from 7PM – 8:30PM on Skype. As Skype can host maximum 25 people in a call, registration on first come first serve basis is applied. The registration for a training will be released every Mon and closed on Wed the same week. A registration email will ONLY be sent to accepted applicants on Thurs.

Please be present on the Skype call 10 mins prior to the training to for setting up. Here is the link to the Skype call.

What to expect?

Following each training delivered by oGT leader of AIESEC there would be a form which includes feedback and a short multiple-choice test. The results will be collected & analyzed by MC and send back to LCVPs to have further follow-up upon training for members.

The form will be released on Sunday (2 days after the training) and deadline for all buddies to fill in is Wednesday of the following week.  Members who fail to fill in the form on time will be not allowed to join the next training if they register.

Wanna check out output of trainings? Check it out here!


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