Visa application process for GE in Thailand [ENG. ver]

Updated: 30/09/2016
Source: case Ms. Cung Thi Tuyet Nga – EP GE Thailand (instruction sent via email from Troy Weng – iCX MCVP 1516)

1/ VISA type: Non-Immigrant Type-O

2/ Documents needed – 8 documents:

  • (1)-TN Acceptance Note – Please kindly use the AN attached here FOR VISA APPLICATION PURPOSE. Note that when you go to the Royal Thai Embassy, you will be asked what you’ll be doing and so forth. Please kindly inform them that you are an AIESEC Thailand VOLUNTEER and thus you are coming to volunteer with AIESEC Thailand Association. This is simply because if you mention employment, then it is altogether another different process. AIESEC Thailand is registered as an NGO in Thailand, and so all our AIESEC trainees are considered as the volunteers. So please do not mention anything like GETMII and ONLY use this particular TNAN.
  • AIESEC in Thailand’s (2,3,4)-3 registration documents –  Attached here the AIESEC Thailand’s registration documents.
  • (5) An AIESEC’s office map.
  • (6) Recommendation/Invitation Letter from AIESEC Thailand

Please find example of all documents mentioned above at: LAVA Comission/ NST-Data/ NST Data Managment/ Document – VISA GE Thailand

The Embassy will also require you for your (7)-return flight, (8)-copies of your passport and may be some other information, we suggest you to find out.

3/ How to fill the Visa Application Form

Looking at the Visa Application form, here are the answers and some advice to assist you in filling them out.

  • Type of Visa: Non – Immigrant o Visa
  • Numbers of Entries:  Single
  • Proposed Address in Thailand: 41/5, Sukhumvit Soi 60/1, Bangchak, Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260
  • Name and Address of Local Guarantor: Indicate your family and their contacts
  • Name and Address of Gurantor in Thailand: AIESEC in Thailand, c/o STA Travels, Wall Street Tower 14th Floor, Room Number 1406 33/70, Surawong Rd Bangrak , Bangkok 10500 – Thailand
  • Duration of proposed stay: 90 days
  • Purpose of Visit: Select ‘Others’ and write ‘Volunteering’
  • travel document means “passport”
  • country for which travel document is valid : all countries
  • Date of previous visit in Thailand : last time the date you arrived in Thailand

4/ Reference from Thai embassy

  • Non-immigrant Visa “O” – Voluntary Services:—-Voluntary-Services.html
  • Visa application Form:



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