TN requirements overview

This post provides information on TN Demand around the worlds, with some countries with available data.

Last updated: 29/01/2017

Percentage of Vietnamese EPs having internship in each region



  1. How to refer EPs:
  • BA/Marketing/Sales/GE => refer to Thailand, Philippines Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Japan for any EPs who can speak Japanese level of N4-N2.
  • If EPs are looking for adventure and HAVE strong experience in traveling alone/take care of themselves => India


  2. TN supply

In general, AP region provides all fields of TNs, include but not limited to: BA/Marketing/Sales, IT, Teaching.

TN supply in AP region


3. VISA process with specific cases

Visa process varies from countries to countries.

Some specific cases of visa requirements and TN demand is presented as below:

  • HONG KONG: From 11/2016, Vietnamese EPs are eligible for internship visa in Hong Kong.
  • JAPAN (AIESEC in Vietnam’s Partner)> Visa requirements: Visa issued will be Trainee visa. EP must be students before and after the internship, never done an internship in Japan before (or else they couldn’t issue Trainee visa).> TN Nature: TN requires Japanese for almost every projects except teaching TN (they require language/ teaching skill instead). They are developing new kind of internship which involves tackling SDG issues (Sustainable Development Goal of UN). Paid for EP insurance and ticket returning to home country

> Visa requirements: Visa requires EPs to be a student

  • THAILAND (AIESEC in Vietnam’s Partner)> TN Nature: Most of the TNs are for Japanese. They are raising more TN of Hospitality/ Teaching/ Human Resource for SEA EPs.
  • MALAYSIA:> Visa requirements: 3 types of visas which time to apply ranges from 1.5 – 2 months. The regulation makes it easier for EP to be graduate to apply for working visa (GT), albeit this is not necessary. For GE, applicants must be a student or very recent graduate.

> TN Nature: GE, Marketing/BA. There are no specific TN requirement.

  • PHILIPPINES:> TN Nature: They prefer western outlook due to their culture. For GE, they quite easy to match with no specific requirement.
  • INDIA:

TN Nature: Offer diverse types of TN (BA/Marketing, IT, Hotel Management, Engineering, Sales). The quality of TN is usually concerning. Very easy to match. Country of exotic culture and adventures

Visa requirements: Relatively easy. Obtain Business visa for 3 months (and then ask for an extension) which take only 2-3 weeks. Online registration on embassy system and submit form in the embassy/Consulate.

  • KOREA:  > Visa requirements: Limited and very difficult for Vietnamese EPs. There are no Vietnamese EP who has done internship in Korea before

    > TN Nature
    : Focus to raise GE (Marketing/BA, IT)
  • SINGAPORE:> TN Nature: Very hard to match. Due to Singapore’s work pass limitation, TNs that offer a salary lower than 2200 SGD will only be able to consider applications from current students or recent graduates, regardless of nationalities, from universities from the following 9 countries/territories: Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK and US. Visa will be issued online on government national’s website.

> Visa requirements:  2 types of visa for AIESEC Internship Program:

+ Work Holiday Visa (less than 6 month internship with fixed salary of 1600 SGD): available to current full time students or graduates, of 18-25 years old, from the following countries/territories, REGARDLESS OF NATIONALITIES, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. The majority of TNs offered require this visa.

+ S Visa (12 months internship with fixed salary of 2200 SGD): available for EP who pass the eligibility test of Singaporean government

CV samples: Japan, GE in SEA, GT in SEA, Singapore


  1. How to refer EPs:

> If EPs are high profile (that is, meeting with at least 2 of these requirements, working for globally recognized multinational – Unilever, Nestle, etc., have Master degree, able to speak a European language – French/German, working/living abroad)

=> refer them to Western Europe. Working Experience is a must to match with this region.

> Less competitive (EP who is still in their 1st college degree and has some previous working experience) => GE in Czech Rep, Romania, Poland (CEE).

10% Vietnamese EPs are currently realized or completed their GT in Europe. Popular destinations includes: Germany, Czech Rep & Belgium.

In general, Europe provides TN of Marketing/Sales (most of the cases they are looking for EPs from the country which they want to expand market to), IT (biggest supplier of IT TN), Finance but TN supply is limited in comparison to AP.

European EPs are very competitive in term of visa requirement (they don’t need to have visa & work permit to work in another EU countries) and education of higher quality comparing to AP => EP in Marketing/Sales. They are, however, lack of supply for IT EP (b/c everyone is learning BA/Marketing) => shortage of supply in IT.

     2. VISA process with specific cases:

  • SWEDEN (AIESEC in Vietnam’s Partner):

>  Visa requirement: Taken 1.5 months for visa procedure. Have no specific requirement for EP to apply for visa

>  TN Nature: IT & Management, Marketing (IT plays the majority)

Other Scandinavian countries: IT & Management/Marketing (IT plays the majority)

  • FRANCE:> Visa requirements: Very hard to match. Need to be currently enrolled in a university/School to be able to have VISA/Work Permit

> TN Nature: Preferably French at advanced level, taking Master degree. TN focus on Marketing/Sales. TNs offered are limited.

  • GERMANY:> Visa requirement: student status is required in most of the TNs.

> TN Nature: 70% of TN are IT

  • UNITED KINGDOM:> Visa requirement: If you are Non-EU candidate and you are selected for an GIP opportunity in the UK, you will be required to apply for a “Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange” Visa, sponsored by AIESEC UK. AIESEC UK is a licensed sponsor of the Tier 5 Visa and issues the sponsorship on behalf of the organisation in which the Trainee will be working.

The entire Visa process from selection to relisation can take up to 1 month or more. Generally, it will take 1 week to exchange documents needed from the trainee & company, and 3 weeks to process the visa at the application center where you will apply. The center takes 14 day to asses your application from the day that you apply in person at their office; you will be guided by your TN manager if you are required to go through this process.

> TN nature: Limited supply of TNs


Visa requirement: AIESEC has Work Permit exemption from the government which makes the process of visa emission simplified.

TN nature: EP has significant advantages if fluent in Dutch/French and doing their Master degree. Supply focus on Finance (required experience working in Big 4), BA/Marketing

  • CANADA: > Visa requirements: It takes 3 months to obtain visa to Canada, cost 115 USD. Required to be still in school OR have graduated for less than; 24 months from a full-time studies program (for example: Bachelors, Masters)

> TN nature: Engineering, BA/Marketing, IT

  • CZECH REPUBLIC:> Visa requirements: non-EU citizen must be under 25 years old. As participant of AIESEC internship, you will be appling for student visa. More information can be found under this link:

After matching, you will receive (most likely via DHL) from AIESEC Praha document confirming the purpose of your stay in Czech (document on enrollment in studies)and proof of accommodation. Address printed in proof of accommodation is the address of AIESEC startup flat and does not mean you must live there for the whole internship.

Visa process takes within 2 months since submitting all required documents at the embassy.
Work Permit (WP)
All non-EU citizens must have WP issued by the government employment office (labour office). There will be a representative assigned to you from AIESEC Praha, to whom you will provide the power of attorney and he/she will submit the WP application in your name. For this, we will need the power of attorney, verified by legal authority in your country.
WP process takes more than 2 months since we receive all required documents.

> TN Nature: Focus on GE/IT/Marketing-BA

    • TN Nature: Mostly required 2nd European language. Focus on GE/Marketing/Teaching


  • Since 2014, there are less than 5 EPs of AIESEC in Vietnam realized in this region (Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt), particularly due to lack of information and available TNs to match. Therefore, there is no information on these TN’s difficulty and average matching time.


EPs are not encouraged to apply for TNs in Egypt. Due to the bureaucracy of Egyptian government, EPs doing internships in Egypt are required to obtain tourist visa instead of work visa (which is very risky for EP).

          Latin America

Similar problems happen to Latin America. There are 2 EPs of Vietnam realized in Brazil and Peru. Initial expense to travel to this region is relatively expensive for Vietnamese EP, as well as the region usually requires the good command of Spanish/Portugese.


Visa requirement: Applicable to people from countries which are not part of the MERCOSUR region ( people from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) and who are enrolled in a higher education institution (either undergraduate studies or graduate studies) are eligible for Temporary Visa IV (VITEM IV). Instruction on visa application:

  • For TN search tools of these countries, please find it here.

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