Branding: How to define value prepositions for Global Talent

[Updated on 25th July, 2016]

Blue Book – a collective brand toolkit for front office to define their Value Prepositions of exchange programs. In July 2016, elected AI Team has launched AIESEC blue book to give guideline upon product values and how to communicate brand image consistently and beautifully.

To align the Global Talent product globally, AI has defined the common value propositions that can be used across entities, depending on the customer you are targeting. General positioning is: Gain Work Experience by Interning Abroad

A global internship opportunity for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career.

Global Opportunity

Expand your horizon by allowing yourself to develop your professional career in a global setting. Work in a whole new environment and work culture, while adapting to the local life in another country.

Diverse Industries

Gain work experience in any of the following areas: HR, Marketing, Education, Engineering, and many others. Our pool of opportunities is always growing, with new industries and fields being added.

Work Experience

Launch yourself into a challenging role that allows you to gain a professional edge with our partners who are dedicated to providing an enriching experience aligned with touch points that help you evaluate yourself and grow.

Develop Yourself

Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing. An intense cross-cultural environment allows you to increase your self-awareness and solution orientation, improve communication skills and develop a global mindset. Become the best version of yourself!

How to communicate these values

The following are two examples in how we can present Global Talent internships: By category or by specific opportunity

It is not necessary to present both, and you are also not limited to these examples. In different cases, the tagline and value proposition may be customized, yet the visual guidelines should remain the same.

Global Talent: By Category

Example of customizing the tagline: -Gain Professional Experience through Marketing internships in Mexico

Global Talent: By Specific Opportunity

Example of customizing the tagline: -Gain Professional Experience as a Digital Marketer at Company X

Visualization of Global Talent

How to use Logo, Font and colors consistently with the brand?


For Value Preposition for Global Entrepreneur, please find it here.

Wanna have original logos and font for design? Check it out here.


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